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Open today from 9:30 am – 6:00 

About Our Museum

Muzze art & history museum is committed to producing distinctive exhibitions and public programming on historical contemporary Japanese and Asian art.

We use our unique collections and unrivalled expertise to tackle the biggest challenges facing the world today. We care for more than 200 thousand exhibits spanning billions of years and welcome more than five million visitors annually.

On View At Museum

  • Telecommunicatons
  • Music- pianos, violin, wind up gramophones
  • Medical-information
  • C.W.A. –information,albums, items
  • Education-large range of school room items
  • Typewriters, early computers
  • Cameras/Movie cameras-large collection of cameras
  • Maps-huge range of local district maps form all years
  • Greys Cordial Factory bottles
  • Home life-baths, washing boards,tins,fire irons
  • Sewing- treadle sewing machine
  • Zygomaturus Tasmanicum
  • Large range of tools-from blacksmithing to farming tools
  • Timber-large range of mill books from various mills
  • Agriculture- large range of dairying equipment, farming equipment

What Our Visitors Say!

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